Reluctantly For-Sale

We choose only a few ewes to be bred for spring lambs in an effort to keep our numbers down. As a result, some excellent quality rams and ewes are marking time here, and need to be fulfilling their potential in other flocks. This post will list rams…ewes to follow soon.

First and foremost…the two yearling rams who are tentatively on our sales-list have grown up to be excellent examples of their breed. There are actually four yearllngs that we would have liked to keep as breeding rams, but we have too many to overwinter in our ram-flock, and are forced to these decisions.

was linebred for fleece quality and is a son of Cairn Farm Nicolas out of a Centaurus daughter (Viola). He is a mild mannered ram who also has great conformation, good tail and wide-sweeping horns. He carries Dailley lines and some Flett genetics. His fleece is intermediate, soft and dense.

is also by Nicolas and has excellent structure, slightly smaller stature (a definite plus), and classically shaped horns. He is a bit shy, but very calm and respectful. He has a uniform intermediate fleece with lots of lustre, was born a flecket and so carries spotting genetics.

is another one of the sheep-for-sale that I wouldn’t mind at all having to keep! This young lad is a grey sired by Sheltering Pines Constantine, and out of a ewe (Bess) who is from our foundation MRSF lines. His fleece is gorgeous and looks to be a dense single-coat.

Olav broke the horn shell from his right horn as a tiny lamb, but the horn growth and direction seem to have been unaffected, and it matches the newest growth on the left perfectly.

If we had fewer rams, Olav would stay here through next summer, but as it is, he will be sold with a horn guarantee. He is a Constantine son, and is very much like his father….great body (an especially strong rear end), a correct tail, and laid-back temperament.

Stay tuned…more for-sale sheep in following days (this promise forces me to make decisions I have been putting off!)

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