In our hearts

A sad goodbye


Yesterday Juliette left us….she was tentatively diagnosed with a bone marrow malignancy over a year ago. Her anemia was amazingly severe, but from the beginning, we couldn’t subject her to bone marrow biopsies, trips to veterinary centers, and chemotherapy. We knew that it was a battle that we ultimately could loose (and almost did last summer), but we had to try to keep her with us….and wanted her to be as happy as she could be.

We choose steroid therapy as the only possibility we felt would not make her life traumatic. And it worked; she rallied and went into remission, gained weight and never complained about the daily injections she needed to survive. Her year has been full of hills and valleys, but mostly it has been a good one for her, until this past week when her blood counts plummeted again.

Through it all, her loving personality never changed. Even when she was weak, and lounging on the bed or the sofa, she rolled over on her back and miaou-ed softly to us when we said her name. At the vet’s, she luxuriated in the attention…whatever condition she was in, she purred so loudly that no one was able to hear her breath sounds. And this was so even on the day before she passed away.


Juliette loved her life and wanted to be near us, whatever we were doing. She was a little buddha, living in the moment, and finding pleasure in whatever she was given…we had much to learn from her.

She came to us in a litter of feral kittens that we rescued and hand raised nearly 5 years ago. Juliette and her brother Lefty have been beloved members of our family ever since.



We will miss her sweet spirit….and pray that she will find us again some day.


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