Sheep for sale

The walrus said….

The time has come: I promised sheep for sale would appear here…and so I will begin.

We are making up the sales list and have two ram-lambs on it so far; these are fellows that we have a high level of confidence in…not very good grammar…and whose genetics we have safe in other boys. One of these young ones is now promised, but this handsome lad (Higgins) is waiting for just the right home.

He is out of Dodge Cascadia (a super-soft horned moorit ewe) by Shady Oaks Spats (a perfectly marked black HST with an equally soft fleece).

Higgins is the ideal ram for those who love single-coatedness and crimp, and he is very balanced in all his qualities…excellent conformation and tail, wide sweeping horns and a uniform fleece carrying the softness of his parents.


He carries spots and did have quite a lot of white on head and neck as a lamb (click to biggify),

but all that has faded now to some sparkles on his forehead. His twin is a wildly spotted yuglet. Those two were a real trial for their mother (you may have seen this photo last spring….it still makes me laugh):

Higgins is cautiously friendly, but very polite and respectful (he has had an iron-clad good beginning). He is only for sale because our ram-flock is much too large…and we are retaining rams from both of his parents.

When anyone asks how many sheep we have, I always answer (truthfully): Too many! This is part of an effort to try to turn that around…

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