A week with an angel.

We are back in Halfway now, having spent the first week of Cameron’s life in Eugene with Ben and Erin, and Erin’s parents, Anneke and David. We all could have stayed on happily and basked in the glory of this little grandson, but Brook and I were uneasy at being away from the farm too long. How we wish that Eugene were closer; I imagine that we will keep the roads warm this winter.

The four grandparents came by two’s to visit for a short time each day, leaving Ben and Erin to spend quiet time with Cameron…just the three of them.

Brook & Ben & Cameron….three Moore generations.

Anneke and Erin with baby Cameron.

Cameron had to have some breathing assistance for a while with a machine that keeps a constant airway pressure to help the lungs expand, and increases their ability to oxygenate the blood.

Even during this time, his parents held him often, with the skin-on-skin contact that is now recommended. Whenever they held him, his heartbeat and breathing rate slowed, and the oxygen levels in his blood rose…it was magical to see.

Ben spent all the hospital stay with Erin, and thanks to the kindness of the nursing staff, both of them were able to move to a rooming-in situation in the neonatal intensive care until Cameron could be discharged.  By the time that the three of them came home last Thursday (Cameron was 6 days old), Ben and Erin seemed totally organized in caring for their new son. Needless to say, they have settled easily into family life.

Erin was so very happy to be sitting in their own living room again…and she and Ben spent all afternoon cuddling their little one.

They even were even relaxed enough to watch their favorite U of O Ducks win their most recent game, and move to the number one spot in the league. Cameron wore his “Ducks” cap for the occasion.

Even though he was a month early, Cameron is strong and takes in the world around him. His holding onto my fingers and looking up at me melted my heart; he is stunningly beautiful to this grandmother’s eyes!

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  1. I am so glad to see Cameron is doing well.

  2. Michelle says:

    How could anyone not feel a warm glow in looking at these pictures and reading the love in the words? So glad he’s home with his parents now! When will we see Cameron modeling his lovingly-knit layette?

  3. Lois says:

    He has to grow some first! The smallest hat won’t stay on and the smallest booties are huge on his tiny feet! But he regained his birth weight in a week, so it won’t be long.

  4. Nancy K. says:

    Oh Lois! He really IS an angel! I absolutely LOVE the picture of him holding onto your finger and looking up at you. What a lucky boy to be surrounded with so much love…

    Isn’t being a Grandmother just the most incredible feeling in the whole, wide world?!


    I’m so happy for you.

  5. Sarita says:

    He is beautiful. Congratulations and so glad that he is gaining and doing well. Loved his hat.

    God Bless

  6. Barbara says:

    What a blessing that Cameron is home so soon. He looks so strong and alert…and so sweet.
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