Be careful what you wish for!

We have been wanting more snow for summer irrigation water, but we haven’t had much precipitation for the last month. And then last week, we had a glimpse of spring. Beautiful sun warm on our shoulders. It was tempting; I even began dreaming of a vegetable garden. (And of course, at the same time, scheming for a quick effective deer fence!) We had to abandon our gardening habit last year because of bold and clever whitetails.

Now we have week of rain, snow and cold before us, and shearing is a week from tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to turn our wishes around…..we need spring back by Sunday at the latest!
Tonight: Showers likely. Low 34º F
Tuesday: Rain/Snow Hi 42 °F /Lo 34 °F
Wednesday: Rain/Snow Hi 39 °F /Lo 25 °F
Thursday: Chance Rain/Snow Hi 37 °F / Lo 19 °F
Friday: Chance Rain/Snow Hi 36 °F /Lo 21 °F
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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m shearing Friday, so I’m hoping it dry that day!

  2. Becky says:

    What is in that picture? …we haven’t had much precip this year either, maybe we can get dumped on too :) It will probably happen in mid March when we start lambing…

  3. Lois says:

    Good eyes Becky! It is a turkey…not from this year, but I have always liked that photo and it conveyed the mood! This one was taken our first winter in Pine Valley; that fellow worked so hard jumping up for crabapples. I never got a photo of him airborne though.

    I am hoping that this precipitation will wear itself out by the weekend and we will have fair weather for shearing and the days before. The worst is having to confine the sheep inside before shearing if the weather is bad…ugh!

  4. Laura says:

    I woke up to snow this morning – at 492 feet, it’s more common than you’d think! We’re supposed to have thunder/lightning, wind and rain today, with no break until Saturday, then more rain beginning Sunday.

    I was fooled into thinking about gardening, too. Now, I really need to get the greenhouse up!

  5. moore says:

    A greenhouse sounds like just the thing!

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