We have too many rams! We have looked carefully to see who can be sold, without losing the important genetics that they carry…very difficult decisions.

In all honesty, we needed reduce the numbers before I brought back a new ram-lamb from Cedar Haven farm, fall-out from my trip to the BSG. And Stephen Rouse has finally conceded to sell us Sheltering Pines Constantine (a gorgeous moorit gulmoget ram), and he will arrive next week!

So although it is painful, we need to trim the numbers of rams.


Stonehaven Robin Goodfellow (S 23465)
Grey flecket…spots now faded into grey
By Stonehaven Connor
Out of Stonehaven Nightingale


Robin was put to ewes for the first time last fall, and gave us a group of lovely correct lambs with very nice fleeces. The horns of his 2 sons look good, and one of them will stay to fill the “hooves” of his grandfather as the flock’s musket ram. Robin’s mother recently gave birth to two promising ram-lambs, and with the genetics of his line assured, we have decided that Robin can be sold. He carries excellent conformation and horns….and spots.



Stonehaven Duncan (S 16861)
Fawn katmoget
By Bitterrroot Percy
Out of Stonehaven Eva


A couple of months ago, when we thought about reducing the ram flock, we listed our Duncan at SSS&T on the Shetland List. But Duncan is such a special ram, that I lost my nerve, and didn’t advertise him anymore. But increasing ram numbers do make this seem like the “right” thing to do….we can’t part with a half-brother who is out of our dearest old ewe, Puddleduck Eva….so Duncan is really for sale.

Duncan has faultless conformation and horns, a soft single-coated fleece which is uniform from front to back, and has lots of crimp. He is a gentle soul, and very respectful…a little shy (not a bad quality in a ram), but very easy to work with. Duncan passes along all his best qualities (as a true herd-sire should) to his lambs. He is of Dailley katmoget lines, and has maintained his markings well.

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  1. Kathy says:

    You’ve got some beautiful boys there, Lois! (And thanks so much for your well-wishes when I was in the hospital!)

    Things are going smoothly even though I’m under orderes to not lift, carry, strain, tote, bend or otherwise have any fun. :) I did manage to walk out to the sheep today after we heard a plantiff lamb cry – Ole had made it through a crack in the fence and was “lost” at our neighbors. 😉

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